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Island Reclamation District 2062

Reclamation District No. 2062 Emergency Operations Plan Basic Plan

(California Water Code Section 9650 Safety Plan)

San Joaquin Operational Area December 2015

Characteristics of waterways fronting District levees. RD 2062, Stewart Tract, is bounded on the east side by the San Joaquin River, on the north side by Old River, and on the southwest side by Paradise Cut. The southern boundary of the District is the Union Pacific Railroad right of way, adjacent to Reclamation District No. 2107


Island Reclamation District No. 2062 (“RD 2062”) was formed on June 3, 1922 pursuant to the California Water Code. RD 2062 provides flood control, lake maintenance and other similar services for the River Islands portion of the Stewart Tract.

RD 2062 is led by a three-member Board of Trustees. The Board meets on an as-needed basis and agendas will be posted on this site and at the RD 2062 offices at least 72 hours before a regular meeting and 24 hours before a special meeting in accordance with State law.  Minutes of the last Board of Trustees meeting are also posted on this site.

RD 2062 is located entirely within the City of Lathrop boundaries; see location map below.



Island Reclamation District 2062

73 W. Stewart Road
Lathrop, California  95330

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